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Do you have personal anecdotes about gambling that you would like to share?

We find that the information that is obtained from personal experiences is the best sort that you can get. They are often more thoughtful and better meaning than most pieces that are put forth by magazines that are after readership and sales.

If you have any personal experiences regarding gambling—or even second-hand tales—we would love to offer you a space in our website.


We Need Writers!

While we have a steady amount of writers that provide content for this website, would like to have more. After all, the more the merrier—right? As writers, you can achieve some pretty wondrous things. So yes, we are opening our doors to those would like to write for us.

At our very core lies the desire to help other gamblers to get the most out of their experiences. We need writers who share that desire. After all, we all need to help each other out in order to combat the generally negative stigma that is associated with gambling.

We need people who can build thoughtful and conversational pieces that offer brilliant tips that are not coming from highly manufactured sources. We need writers who share our passion in promoting the positive side of gambling—something that exists yet does not have the spotlight that it deserves.

If you think that you would like to help out and give gambling the good reputation that it deserves, send us a message!