Do Not Keep It to Yourself: 3 Signs of Gambling Addiction

featured4 - Do Not Keep It to Yourself: 3 Signs of Gambling Addiction

One of the reasons why the world views the hobby of gambling in a fairly negative light is due to the concept of gambling addiction. This is a very serious illness that affects over 2 million people in the USA alone. As such, it would be practical knowledge for all our readers to know three signs of gambling addiction.


Personality Shift

Anyone who gambles and experiences a drastic personality shift should be concerned. Mind you, this personality shift is often toward the more negative adjectives of the spectrum. Are you now easy to irritate when anything that is not gambling requires your attention? Have you been experiencing any inexplicable shifts in your personality when it comes to gambling? If you answer a yes, consider yourself showing signs of gambling addiction.


Gambling Away More than You Can Afford

While there are quite a number of individuals that can claim that this particular sign could just be a bad call, we would beg to differ. Any gambler worth their salt will know that you should never ever spend money that you do not have. There is a reason why we all have bankrolls and why we should stick to it. if you find yourself simply incapable of doing so despite knowing what you should really do, it sounds like you have a gambling problem.


Chasing the Buzz

One of the reasons why gambling is an activity that people like doing again and again because the feeling of winning brings about something akin to a high. The chemical reaction in the brain makes the act of winning a pretty pleasurable experience. As such, it is not surprising that there would be people that would try to recreate that feeling. While there is nothing about trying to experience something good, it is when the feel of the high is more important than everything else that it becomes a problem.


The Bottom Line

Gambling addiction is not something that you should keep to yourself. It is an illness that does not only affect you but it also affects those around you. After all, gambling involves finances and gambling addiction has be quite detrimental to the fiscal health of a household. We hope that you will take the signs that we have pointed above and heighten your awareness of gambling addiction.



After all, being able to spot the signs will mean that you will have better chances of getting help as soon as you become aware of the issue. Never hesitate to get help for gambling addiction. Always remember that gambling addiction is wholly treatable—you just need the proper help for it.