About Us

Hey there, folks! My name is James Moore and welcome to My Free BB! You may think that’s a pretty odd name for a website but it’s catchy, easy to recall, and it involves a promise that I made to myself when I experienced my first major loss while gambling.

As you may come to realize, this website is wholly dedicated to the activity of gambling and everything that it entails.

Who Writes Here

Beyond yours truly, this site was lucky enough to partner up with some of the best folk who share the same passion and interest in the activity of gambling. This website aims to tap into the personal and professional experiences of the many different individuals as it pertains to gambling.


What You Can Expect

My Free BB is pretty much about gambler tips that are curated by gamblers for gamblers. There have been far too many websites that are pushed by actual casinos and gambling establishments. The tips can come off as disingenuous and cannot help but feel like it is trying to sell you something.

As such, this website will only be written by organic individuals who are not legally affiliated with any professional gambling establishment. You will only read about tips that we have put together ourselves and sharpened through our own experiences.